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Hi, my name is Elvinna Brion. Since i was a kid, my mother has always been really picky and often criticized the jewelry she wore. One day as birthday present, i gave my jewelry and she loved it, she showed it to her friends, then they became my first clients, and that how it started. At that time i only had passion and dream, i strongly believe when i put hard work and focus, designing the jewelry is the right path for me. Welcome to my page!

My company, which is 100% Indonesian, operates 2 brands, “Rumah Evolette” and “La Maison d’Evolette”, that I created out of out of my passion for gemology, jewelry, design and fashion. I graduated and work as a designer. Therefore it came as a natural extension of my natural attraction for design and art to come up with the concept of made-to-suit jewelry.

“It is not only a piece of jewellery, It does tell story..”

Elvinna Brion 

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